Burroju Ramana Chary
Full Stack Web Developer
Hey there! Ramana Chary here, fresh off my B.Com graduation from Satavahana University in 2022. But accounting? Nah, not my jam. Web development, now that’s where my brain buzzes. And my journey into the world of web development began with completing a full-stack course at OneTruWeb Solutions. As a web developer, I have hands-on expertise in PHP, JavaScript, React, MySQL, Node.JS, and Laravel. Glimpse into my professional adventure(this for the experience section): Developed both front-end and back-end components for a visa application project, making it easier than ever to navigate the paperwork. Played a key role in building the back-end and database for an Olympiad exam management system, ensuring smooth test administration and evaluation. Bridged AI and web: Crafted a dynamic React.js front-end website powered by a Node.js back-end and seamlessly integrated with an AI ChatGPT API, pushing the boundaries of user interaction.

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