Ever seen an idea get sketched on a napkin and then built into a digital empire? That's just another Tuesday at WODO, where our tribe of creative minds and innovative hands turns daydreams into reality.​
P.S. We have a resident office dog who dispenses cuddles and productivity boosts in equal measure. Just saying.​

Shashwathagowda-Web Developer-WODO

Shashwathagowda M

Web Developer

Best Digital marketing agency in Bengaluru-WODO

Anirudh RS

Art Director

Best Digital marketing agency in Bengaluru-WODO

Arjun PM

Content Strategist

Best Digital marketing agency in Bengaluru-WODO

Nishant M

Production Manager

Best Digital marketing agency in Bengaluru

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Amit Goyal-Brand Identity Designer - WODO

Amit Goyal

Brand Identity Designer

Akshaya Ramesh-Digital Marketer - WODO

Akshaya Ramesh

Digital Marketer

Anuj Srivastava - Project Manager WODO

Anuj Srivastava

Project Manager

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Burroju Ramana Chary

Full Stack Web Developer

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Amalu Vineed


Digital Marketing Agency For Startups

Omprasad M

Web Developer


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Where it all started???​


Remember that summer of 2019? Two curious souls met in Bangalore, discontent simmering thicker than filter coffee. Witnessing bland websites and generic marketing plans, revolt brew! WODO was born – the masala dabba of digital, crafting unique solutions, hotter than fresh jalebis! We built dreams, pixel by pixel, for our underdog heroes – small businesses. Bootstrap nights, fueled by filter coffee and grit, bloomed into online success stories. 


Diving Deep and Dodging Asteroids​


As the digital ocean churned, WODO dived headfirst, learning, testing, and evolving. We weren't afraid to get our hands dirty, even when the world got a little bumpy (remember the pandemic?). In fact, that's when we really hit the gas – projects tripled, teams thrived, and international sails caught the wind, carrying us beyond Bangalore's borders.​


With year-long learnings, Builds strategy and operational protocols for business to navigate digital growth.


The Covid crisis changes the market. More businesses want to go online. Total Web & Marketing projects increased to 30.


Strategic web development & digital marketing partnerships lead to big projects from the United Kingdom and UAE.

Awards, Moves, and Movie Magic ​


Our hard work paid off. We snagged a shiny award, proving our digital mojo, and even upgraded our Bangalore digs (comfy couches are essential for world domination, you know). But the coolest part? We started building our own magic – a tool to help small businesses conquer the online universe. And oh yeah, we became BFFs with the folks behind KGF (talk about epic!) and helped Tankerwala win a unicorn startup battle like champs!​


Gets the first but long awaited award, Top 27 websites of 2021 awards by Elementor. Moves into new office in Bangalore.


Starts work on first of a kind business information sharing SaaS product to help small business go online


Becomes tech partners for KGF movie production house- Hombale Films. Helps tankerwala win unicorn summit startup battle India.


The Power-squads Assembling


This year, the WODO crew levelled up. We gathered a dream team of growth hackers, creative wizards, and seasoned entrepreneurs—they became the go-to gurus for launching businesses into the digital stratosphere, their expertise a rocket fuel for success stories. But the ride didn’t stop there. We leveled up our service offerings, launching a content production game that turned words into digital empires.


We leveled up the awesome factor​


Cramped walls? Pah! We traded cramped spaces for a spacious new office, welcomed fresh faces to our growing team, and embraced the global stage with international clients seeking our expertise. But it doesn’t stop there – we birthed a groundbreaking AI product, dipped our toes into the electrifying world of EV, and proudly stepped into the role of digital partners for India Pavilion. It’s not just about milestones; it’s about the incredible journey we’re on, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.


The Narrative Continues...​


And here we are, in the present chapter of the WODO odyssey. It’s a story still being written, a canvas unfolding with vibrant possibilities. We invite you to join us, to become part of the extraordinary. Let’s craft your brand’s success story together, where the limits are limitless and every pixel is a brushstroke of your digital destiny.

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Chief Happiness Officer

The maestro of mirth and mischief​

Here's Joey, who makes you forget spreadsheets and stuffy suits, Joey brings the wag to WODO! This furry whirlwind keeps the team's energy crackling with endless games of fetch and motivational tail wags. He's your furry productivity sherpa, leading the pack to happier projects and tail-wagging wins. Are you ready for a collaboration that's paws-itively awesome? ​

Digital Marketing Agency For Startups


Head of product development

Think websites are just boring pages? ​

Meet Shyam, the architect of digital dreams. He doesn't build, he sculpts. Every pixel is a brushstroke, crafting award-winning masterpieces like his 2021 and 2022 Elementor Top Website. He turns business puzzles into pixelated perfection. And solve your woes, digitally with ease!​

Digital Marketing Agency For Startups


Head of Marketing

Struggling to get your startup noticed? ​

Oh, finally meet Suhas, the digital growth whisperer. He speaks the language of clicks and conversions, turning shy brands into social media superstars. Google-certified and armed with marketing mojo, he's helped OIT, Tankerwala, and TNA rise to the top. Ready to watch your business take flight? ​

If you're on the lookout for a place that cherishes your Curiosity, zeal, and hunger for knowledge, your quest ends here!​

WODO's Calling, Dare to click, dare to WODO!​

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